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Composed by Mike Bishop

Early Years Collection

Track 3 - Colours of our world

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This song helps children to learn different colours and it will inspire  many other related activities to consolidate that knowledge.  The catchy, simple melody encourages children to talk about the colours they know and like, and to make up new verses to sing and perform  either with or without the backing music. 

How this song links to learning ...and fun

For example the song is used to encourage opportunities to :-

How this song links to topics and themes

What practitioners say...

We wanted to teach the children a new song related to our theme of colours and to consolidate their knowledge of colours. We introduced the song with actions, then sang the song along with the CD. The children were encouraged to look around and make their own verses. They responded well on the day. Next day they were inspired to get the CD out and put on a show for the other children. We all joined in.”


“L (2 yrs) loves me pausing the CD and guessing what colour is next.” (Early Years Childminder)

“Use ‘Colours of our world’ – different large pieces of material to represent all the different colours in song.” (Special Needs Practitioner for Moderate Learning Difficulties)“

“Great for colour recognition.” (Burngreave Young Children’s Centre [children aged 2-5])


“We learned ‘colours of the world’ as an easy way of looking at primary colours in the environment. The children loved it and ended up by doing their own production/show.” (Nursery Class, Parkhill Primary School)