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Composed by Chris Smith and Mike Bishop

Early Years Collection

Track 1 - Minibeasts

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A song to support learning about familiar insects / bugs and all those little creatures we call minibeasts including for example spiders, bees, ants and worms. This fun action song encourages singing and creative movement  and engages children instantly. It is used successfully with groups and individuals, develops language skills, inspires art and craft and encourages a range of other learning and fun activities. A favourite for assemblies and other performances and is also a big hit  at workshops and conferences. 

How this song links to learning ...and fun

For example the song is used to encourage opportunities to :-

How this song links to topics and themes

What practitioners say...

“We purchased the whole Education Through Music]collection and use most of the CDs especially the Early Years Collection...As you know we have worn our original [CD] out so we have repurchased another one as the children so wanted Minibeasts.”  (Little Folks Montessori)

“Used mini-beasts for assembly, good for special needs - they could do the actions and the repetition helped.”

“We have also incorporated some of the ET music songs into our music and movement programme. This class usually starts with “Watch those mini-beasts move” (Playland International Pre-school [2-6 yr olds], Lesotho)

The children loved the song and actions. Parents wanted the words so they could sing it at home."

Another one is ‘minibeasts,’ again they all sing the words in the chorus -  we do various actions with our hands up in the air like antenna from a minibeast whilst jumping/ hopping/marching in a circle/or jumping legs apart then legs together then in the main part wriggling like a worm or crawling like a spider as the song says.

(Rainbow mini-gym [children aged 3+ to 8])